​About Medic-AL ApS

Medic-Al is a Danish company that sins 2008 have sold trolleys to preferably sterile equipment in hospitals.

The Trolleys is used in Danish hospitals, Rigshospitalet, OUH, Skejby, Glostrup, Svendborg, Vejle, Roskilde and more.

Additionally, is there been sold trolleys to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

The Danish company Alu Technologies, with 31 years of experience in aluminum, produces and develops the trolleys in cooperation with Medic-AL

Steen Rubæk

Director, Medic-AL.


Contact Medic-AL ApS

Phone: +45 73 76 13 05

Mail: mail@medic-al.dk

Adress: Tvedvej 6,

DK-6372 Bylderup-Bov

CVR: 27292739

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