​Terms and conditions of sale and delivery

1. Offers and prices

All offers from Medic-AL are valid up to 30 days from the date of the offer. Offers are subject to prior sale, which includes Medic-AL’s subcontractors. In case of prior sale Medic-AL has the right to withdraw from the offer. Prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, packaging and transport costs and are based on the prevailing prices for materials, wages and currency exchange rates at the date of the offer. Medic-AL reserves the right to adjust the price in relation to changes in the price and currency conditions.

2. Terms and conditions of delivery

All deliveries are ex works, Bylderup-Bov. Shipment is at buyer's risk and expense. Medic-AL is entitled to choose means of transport and transport routes.

3. Delivery time

Delivery up to 8 days before or after a specified delivery date shall in every respect be considered punctual delivery, unless otherwise agreed. The stated delivery time is subject to the absence of free and timely deliveries from

Medic-AL ApS any subcontractors, as well as in cases of force majeure,. NL92.

Medic-AL ApS liability for delay is limited to a penalty of a maximum of 7.5% of the purchase price for the portion of the material because of the delay can not be used as intended and in cases of repealing a limited compensation of maximum same as laid. NL92

4. Payment Terms

Payment in the order confirmation, otherwise net cash. Overdue payments bear interest at 1.5% per year. month.

5. Reservation

The ownership of the goods sold remains with Medic-AL ApS until the full purchase price has been paid.

6. Returnable Packaging

Boxes or other packaging are charged separately will be credited if they are returned carriage paid in undamaged condition.

7. Installation

Includes Medic-AL ApS performance installation work or the like, must be separately agreed rules.

8. System Accountability

Our advice is to be considered as indicative, thus we do not accept responsibility for system constructions, machine structures, specifications etc. unless there is made a separate written agreement / contract detailing scope, responsibilities and requirements.

9 Missing

Medic-AL ApS liability for defects according to those provisions of NL92 limited to a maximum of 15% of the agreed price.

If the goods sold are not manufactured by the seller, subject to similar conditions between seller and buyer, as the seller's supplier and seller so that the seller is solely responsible to the buyer to the extent that the seller's supplier is responsible to the seller.

10. Product liability

Medic-AL Ltd. is only responsible for injury if it is proved that the damage caused by errors or omissions

Medic-AL ApS. Compensation for personal injury can never exceed it under Danish law applicable at any time claims.

Medic-AL Ltd. responsibility for damage to see. NL92, is limited to kr. 1 million. including interest and costs per. injury.

11. Indirect loss

Medic-AL Ltd. is in no way responsible for loss of profits or other indirect losses.

12. Disputes and applicable law

Disputes arising out of a delivery settled by Danish law, either by the Danish Institute of Arbitration or the Court of barrels / High Court Medic-AL ApS choice.

13. NL 92

All deliveries are made in accordance with NL92, unless otherwise expressly stated above. All buyers who are not familiar with the provisions of NL92, can request a copy by contacting Medic-AL Ltd.

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