The cupboard trolley for sterile supplies developed for your needs

We manufacturer and supplies sterile trolley’s

known as Sterilius, for hospitals and Clinics. Sterilius is developed for transport and storage medicine and equipment’s.

Therefore meet our sterile trolley all applicable purity requirements. They are for instance

equipped with Special packages that are

washable in a machine wash.​

We custom make trolleys to suit your structure. So if you want specific height, width, number of shelves, etc. We will make the trolley you’re looking for.

Besides custom trolleys, we have different types of basic models, which of course can be custom made.​

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Danish manufactured cupboard trolley

Sterilius is a cupboard trolley for sterile supplies manufactured in Denmark, which has been developed by Medic-Al in cooperation with the sterilisation department at Glostrup Hospital, Alucluster – knowledge and technology centre for aluminium and designer, Hans Christian Bauer, in a process referred to as user-driven innovation.

User-driven Innovation:

During the designing, development and testing of the cupboard trolley for sterile supplies, focus has been on customers' experiences and requirements.


The Danish designer, Hans Christian Bauer.


An extremely easy-moving and stable construction (50kg) which, with easy gliding wheels and the option of individual positioning of the hands, foot-operated wheel brake with directional and overall brakes plus ergonomically correct operation, prevents physical strain.

Low noise:

Plastic shelf holders, high quality wheels and noise reducing sides result in a very low noise level.

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